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Calibration Measuring Instruments

All calibrations are performed according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025.

Calibration contract :

It is the most complete solution to remedy the problems of planning annual calibrations.

IRVING 80 manages calibration of your park tools, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing delivery time.

Type Certificates offered:

  • Accredia for sizes for which we are accredited:
    • Electrical measurements
    • Measurements of temperature for calibrators
    • Humidity Measurement
    • Temperature
  • Accredia for sizes for which we are not accredited we employ qualified suppliers.
  • Referable to the fields National, making use of our laboratories

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Who Are We?

"We support our clients by offering services suitable to the actual technical needs in a short time."

"Technical personnel operating for twenty years in the field instrumentation and quality."

"Quality technical support for each service calibration and certification."


 Gazzada Schianno (VA)

 Via I. Cremona, 42

 Tel: +39.0332.948907

 Fax: +39.0332.1800694



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