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Humidity Measurements - Relative Humidity


Measuring ranges:

  • Temperature of reference, (ISOTHERM), in the range (5 ÷ 70)°C 

Humidity generated in the range  (10 ÷ 95)%UR

Standard calibration:

  • 20°C / (30 – 50 – 70 – 90 –  50) %UR

ANY ADDITIONAL ISOTHERM ( specify temperature in 5°C to 40°C ) , eg:

  • 30°C / (30 – 50 – 70 – 90 –  50) %UR

Usually the hygrometer is combined with a temperature sensor , to complete the characterization of the thermo hygrometer is therefore necessary to perform also the calibration temperature . To perform the calibration is used a system that performs calibration measurements within a generator and a relative humidity of a climatic chamber.

With the aid of a sampling system and the air is sucked through a pneumatic circuit fed into the measuring head , where the sample is measured by the dew point temperature of the reference.

In addition a cooling circuit externally supplied by a thermostatic bath helps to keep the difference between the temperature of the sample sensor and the dew point temperature desired , thereby improving the repeatability of the measure ; measuring the temperature of the air is carried out using a numeral multimeter.

The laboratory is equipped with an automatic acquisition system that allows to shorten considerably the time certification and consequently those of delivery.







Mechanics Hygrometers:

  • Thermohygrograph
  • Baro-thermohygrograph
  • Analogue weather stations
  • Hygrometers and thermohygrometers



Electric hygrometers:

  • Thermohygrograph
  • Digital weather stations
  • Digital psychrometers
  • Data logger
  • Trasmitters
  • Hygrometers and thermohygrometers


Electrical psychrometers



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